Wilcox home

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Wilcox home
Wilcox home
Vital Statistics
Type Home
Part of Salem
Owned by Arlene Wilcox
Other Statistics
Production Details
First appearance TSDS: To Switch a Witch

Wilcox home is the home of Arlene Wilcox in Salem.


The Scooby-Doo Show

Season three

The gang is on their way to Salem to see an old friend, Arlene Wilcox, who has just inherited her family's house. When they arrive, they see Squire Marley nailing the witch's sign to one of the trees. He warns them to leave, saying that Arlene has been possessed by the witch of Salem. The gang ingores his warnings and goes inside Arlene's house to find out what is going on. She tells them that Squire Marley saw the witch and claimed she looked exactly like Arlene, knowing that Arlene is a direct descendent of Milissa Wilcox. (To Switch a Witch)


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