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* Physical appearance.
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"Zoinksman" redirects here. For the episode, see Zoinksman (episode).

Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Male
Other Statistics
Occupation Crime-fighter
Production Details
First appearance S&SDGaC: Zoinksman
Played by Scott Menville

Zoinksman is a hi-tech suit of armor built by Dr. Albert Shaggleford, given this name when his nephew, Shaggy Rogers, started using it as a superhero costume.

Physical appearance

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Powers and abilities

  • Rocket boots for flight
  • Jet pack and wings for faster flight when airborne
  • Armor for super strength and invulnerability
  • Energy beam
  • Stink bombs
  • Noisy rockets and flares
  • Echo locator
  • Concealed compartments with many other attachments, not all of which Shaggy figured out how to operate


Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!

Season two

Shaggy wore it when he felt left out and wanted to help out Scooby-Doo while he was powered by nano-enhanced Scooby Snacks (also created by Uncle Albert). Since the suit was a prototype, combined with his 'limited' knowledge (he accidentally burnt the instruction manual) and its large size, it only made him clumsy, unintentionally making things worse.

He was only able to triumph in the end, by creatively using the suit to take advantage of the superstitious fears of Agent 2 of a bat-creature called Quitchyhupo.[1]



  • Using a super-suit badly after losing the manual may be a tribute to the TV series, The Greatest American Hero.


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